This year’s Taiwan Field Course set to begin on Dec. 30th!

We’re almost there!  Students have begun to arrive and this year’s Taiwan Field Course is set to begin on Dec. 30th.  Faculty and students are looking forward to touring Taiwan to learn about the islands diverse geology and geohazards and be introduced to Chinese culture and history. We will be sharing news of our travels in blog posts over the next 3 weeks.  See below for some initial maps and itinerary.

Taiwan Geology and Topography:


2015 itinerary as it currently stands:

  • Dec. 30 (Wednesday)
    • Arrive Taipei*  — *some students arrive earlier!
    • Stay at Yo-Xing Hotel (, Taipei
  • Dec. 31 (Wednesday)
    • Afternoon: Visit NCDR
    • Night: Watch New Year’s Eve Celebration at Taipei 101
    • Stay at Yo-Xing Hotel, Taipei
  • Jan. 1 (Thursday)
    • Morning: Yehliu Geopark
    • Afternoon: Yangming Shan volcano
    • Stay at Yo-Xing Hotel, Taipei
  • Jan. 2 (Friday)
    • Morning: Travel to Miaoli & begin the Chuhuangkeng anticline section
    • Stay in Miaoli (Plaza International Hotel)
  • Jan. 3 (Saturday)
    • Morning: Visit the Da’an dam and “mini-Grand Canyon”
    • Noon: Visit National Center for High-performance Computing
    • Afternoon: Visit Chi-Chi earthquake museum
    • Stay National Chung Cheng University Guest House (, Chiayi
  • Jan. 4 (Sunday)
    • Morning: Visit the visit the frontal thrust outcrop at Gukeng, Yunling
    • Afternoon: Examine the slate outcrops east of Puli.
    • Stay Chingjing Farm area on Hwy 14
    • Transfer from bus to vans
  • Jan. 5 (Monday)
    • Morning: Travel to and hike the trail up East Hehuan peak (Miocene slate).
    • Afternoon: Travel to Guanyuan, possibly stopping at “pagoda” with slate outcrops.
    • Stay in Kuan Yun Youth Hostel (, Guanyuan
  • Jan. 6 (Tuesday)
    • Walk east along the Central Cross-Island Highway, stopping to observe deformation and Eocene conglomerate deposits.
    • Stay in Kuan Yun Youth Hostel, Guanyuan
  • Jan. 7 (Wednesday)
    • Morning: Travel to Tianxiang (Tienhsiang), stopping to observe metamorphic rocks, lineations, and the pre-Tertiary contact.
    • Stay in Tienxiang Youth Activity Center (, Tianxiang
  • Jan. 8 (Thursday)
    • Morning: Taroko Gorge Tour and Intrusive Contact.
    • Afternoon: Half-day off in Hualien
    • Stay in East Coast Hotel (, Hualien
  • Jan. 9 (Friday)
    • Morning: Travel down the east side of the Coastal Range (turbiditic conglomerates, volcanic rocks along the coast)
    • Afternoon: Study the island arc stratigraphy along the Hsukuiluan River transect.
    • Stay in Hoya Spa Hotel (http://www.hoya-
  • Jan. 10 (Saturday)
    • Morning: Visit the Yuli River bridge and Chishang fault
    • Afternoon: Luyeh “tea” terraces
Stay in Taitung Hotel For Teachers Public Workers (http://www.ttp-
  • Jan. 11 (Sunday)
    • Morning: Visit the National Pre-History Museum (open at 9:00)
    • Afternoon: Examine southern Coastal Range tectonics, beach, and the “greatest” marine terrace.
    • Stay in Taitung Hotel for Teachers Public Workers, Taitung
  • Jan. 12 (Monday)
    • Morning: Examine Lichi mélange
    • Afternoon: Natural gas site.
    • Stay in Downtown, Kenting
  • Jan. 13 (Tuesday)
    • Morning: Visit the Nuclear power plant museum
Afternoon: Fossil hunting, and examine uplifted corals along the tilted table land
    • Stay in Downtown Kenting
  • Jan. 14 (Wednesday)
    • Morning: Examine mud volcanoes, “badlands” and travel to Tainan, arrive early afternoon
Stay in Zenda Suites (, Tainan
  • Jan. 15, (Thursday)
    • Morning: Student presentations
    • Afternoon: Return to Taipei
    • Stay at NTU guesthouse (Hsiu-Chi) Taipei
  • Jan 16 (Friday) free day in Taipei
    • Stay at NTU guesthouse (Hsiu-Chi) Taipei
  • Jan 17 (Saturday) return to US

Hotel/Location Map:


  • 1,15,16: Taipei
  • 2: Taichung city
  • 3: Chiayi
  • 4: Chingjing farm
  • 5,6: Fushi Village
  • 7: Taroko
  • 8: Hualien City
  • 9: Rueisuei
  • 10,11: Taitung City
  • 12,13: Kenting
  • 14: Tainan City

**Stay tune for the next blog post!